How You Can Detect Breast Cancer Symptom Earlier?

Breast cancer can be said that one of the oldest known form of cancer, tumors in humans particularly among women. The oldest description of this deadly disease, although the term cancer was not used, was in Egypt years.

The most commonly occurring cancer among women, breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women, with the exception of lung cancer. Since the breast is composed of identical tissues in hommeset women, the cancer seno also occurs bei men, albeit less frequently.

Mammography screening can be seen as a test or examination of the breast, which is used for all kinds of diseases such as cancer, in people with no symptoms. The goal of mammography screening for breast cancer is early detection to find or detect whether an atom of cancer before it starts to cause symptoms.

Free testing and physical examination of the breast is another way to cancrocon first and a contribution constanteVous breasNoKönig to assume contOlle of cancer earlier.

Most breast cancer found that just because you think you are usually larger and more likely to have on the chest. Furthermore, breast cancer was found during the tests are probably too small, limited in the chest and can be treated.

More women are survivors to malattiamuoiono this deadly cancer called simply because the routinedépistage and early detection and improved treatment. Breast cancer has kene external signs that can be seen or heard. If there is a sign to the outside, the most common: a dimple in the chest or a body that is an area of thickening, but the symptoms are chest swelling and redness or enlargement of the lymph nodes Fund.

When that happens you have symptoms piùquesti not have breast cancer. Remember that most breast lumps to Benigna, not maliciously, but it is important that you consult your doctor for advice to avoid unnecessaryowned concern that had breast cancer. To learn how your doctor check the lightness of some or all of their concerns, and if something is found, you can take care of him as soon as possible.

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