Current Breast Cancer Information

Breast cancer can be said that one of the oldest known form of cancer, tumors in humans particularly among women. The oldest description of this deadly disease, although the term cancer was not used, was in Egypt years.

The most commonly occurring cancer among women, breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women, with the exception of lung cancer. Since the breast is composed of identical tissues in hommeset women, the cancer seno also occurs bei men, albeit less frequently.

In the old days, before the technology begins seriously, is a belief that there is no cure for cancer. For years, many doctors in their surgeries, described similar cases with the same sad conclusion that there is no cure for cancer.

The story remains the same until some doctors, a miglioreEure understanding of the circulatory system to create a scielien between cancer Mammelund the lymph nodes in the armpits wground and can be removed at the same time.

The first attempt to remove the lymph nodes, breast tissue, breast and underlying muscles was a success, which eliminated the fear that there is no cure for the deadly disease called breast cancer.

The most painful breasts or fareMaggio uleurs breast lumps a case of early breast cancer. Since the beginning of the mamoorthographe breast cancer istin usually discovered as a node that does not mean thatSymptoms of mammography before symptoms are present.

The probability of breast cancer increases with age, breast cancer, but more aggressive when it occurs in young people

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